The important mechanical propeties of wood


How or where this property important






Strength properties

Determines the load a beam will carry                                                                                     

Breaking strengh


Determines the load a short post or column will carry

Compression strength parallel- to –grain



Important in design of the connection wood member  in a building and at the supports for a beam

Compression perpendiciular –to -grain


Important for the bottom member(chord) in a wood truss and in the design of connection between steuctural members 


Tension strength parallel to –grain


Often determines the load -carrying

Shear strength parallel to -grain

Measure of the amount of work expended in breaking a small speciemen in impact bending


Measure of the amount of energy absorbed when a piece is bent whitin it s elastic range.


Related to the resistance to denting .as for flooring

Side hardness

Important in design of the connections between wood members in a building.

Tension prependcular –to -grain

Measure of the energy absorbed by a specimen as it is slowly bent

Work to maximum load


Elastic properties


Measure of the resistance to bening,i.e., directly related to the atiffness of a beam .also a factor in the strenght of  a long coulmn

Modulus of Elasticity

Measure   of the resistance to elongation or shortening of a specimen under uniform tension or compression

Modulus of Elasticity parallel-to –grain(young s modulus)




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The important mechanical propeties of wood

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