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How to improve our memory

The human brain is like a library that stocks memories insteat of books.hippocampus is apart of our brain that has most responsibility in brain,we can say its our brain librarian.now I want to say some ways to improve our memory

our first way is using rhymes.(rhymes are short poem or songs)using a vareity of commen and silly rhymes can help you recall basic info

like:in fourteen hundrad ninety two columbus sailed the ocean blue

use acronayms:acronaym are another wonderful tool for remembering a variety of things.you can use apopular acronaym or create one for yourself.For example,if you are going  to the store and you know you only  need butter ,lettuce,bread and unagi,than just create a word out of the the first letter of each word and the word is bulb or ROY G BIR:this mans name can help you remember the colours of rainbow:red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet

use acrostics:acrostics are similler  to acronayms ,exept instead of just remembering the acronayms,you can remmber a new sentence made out of the first letter letters of a set of words that you have to memorize in a certain order,for example :you can say Never Eat Sour Watermelons.this is used for remembering north, east,south,west

use the method of loci:this method has been used since the time of ancient greece.for this method just imagine or picture things in your mind

smell rosmary:studies show that smelling rosmary can improve your recall. smell rosmary oil once a day.the ancient greeks even put a spring of rosmary behind their ears on exam days to help them remember

If you have trouble remembering say things you want to remember aloud.&use flash cards.flash cards are espacially useful for studying.It is a card with a question on one side and the answer on oppsite side

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